The Civil Division is located on the main floor of the Public Safety Building located at:

300 Kansas City Street
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
Phone: (605)394-6114
Business Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

The Pennington County Sheriff's Office Civil Division has the responsibility of serving civil documents and executing court orders. Among the most common documents served are Summons and Complaints, Writs of Execution (see below for more information), Distress Warrants, Protection Orders, Notices of Small Claims, and Three Day Notices to Vacate. We also serve other legal documents received from the Courts, attorneys, and private citizens.

Civil Service DeputiesCommanded by Captain Marty Graves, the Civil Division has 1 Sergeant, 1 Protection Order deputy,  4 Administrative Support Staff and the four Civil Deputies pictured on the left: Cindy Fullen, Tana Robertson, Dave VanDenHemel and Dave Douma.

A $35 deposit is required on all types of document service, except subpoenas which are $20, and writ of execution which are $45. Once the paperwork is served our service fee and mileage will be subtracted from this deposit. If the deposit is more than the amount of service, a refund will be sent with the return of service. If the deposit did not cover the costs of service a bill will be sent for the remainder.



        Civil Division Statistics

Civil 2011 2012 2013
Papers Received for Service 10,055 10,238 9,242
Money Collected on Executions $284,594 $283,632 $271,174
Money Collected on Tax Warrant $156,115 $125,844 $128,345
Money Collected on Sheriff Fees $142,823 $146,604 $133,038
Sheriff Sales on Executions 5 5 7
Foreclosures 112 131 108


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